Hi! I'm Karolien, a writer and photographer from Hasselt, Belgium. At the moment I am based in Antwerp, working on refining my technique and enjoying all the cultural and inspirational benefits of this wonderful city.
Before that, I studied linguistics & literature in both French and English, while working as a photographer and photo editor for the student newspaper. That turned into a job for a national newspaper. While that was a very enriching period, I decided that I preferred taking photos myself, and went to Paris to make that happen. I stayed about 2,5 years there before returning home.
My work is inspired by the research I did during my studies, where I focused on gender, race and sexuality in contemporary western literature. In my photography and writing I try to make these themes more easily accessible and comprehensible. 
Have a look around, and enjoy!
If you have any questions, send me a message through my contact page.
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