Hi! I'm Karolien, a photographer from Hasselt, Belgium.
I have a background in French and English linguistics & literature, while my pasion has always been photography. During my studies already I was working as a photographer and photo editor for the student newspaper. That turned into a job for a national newspaper. While that was a very enriching period, I decided that I preferred taking photos myself rather than directing others to do it, and went to Paris for some further education to make that happen. I stayed about 2,5 years there before returning home. 
I love to photograph people most of all, whether that's in natural light or in a studio setting, and capturing their energy as authentically as possible. The biggest compliment my subjects give me is when they recognize themselves in my work, when they're happy with what they see and want to show it off to others. It's honestly a thrill unlike any other when someone is a little kinder to themselves after seeing what I see: a wonderful person, rather than a mere body with a flaw and imperfection here or there.
That's why I do what I do; to help people show or (re)discover their authentic selves, to improve their self-image in a fun and enjoyable way, and to empower them in their expression of self, whatever that may look like.
Have a look around, and enjoy!
If you have any questions, send me a message through my contact page.
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